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The story behind Casemiro's rise to glory (and what Man Utd fans can expect!)

When you think of Brazilians, you think of agility, flair, and pace. Every Brazilian wants to be the next Pelé. Brazilians are often overlooked in terms of their general footballing ability, as spectators expect showboating and skills, not last-ditch defending or long-range passing.  As Manchester United are set to unveil the signing of five-time Champions League winner, Casemiro from Real Madrid at Old Trafford, we look at how the defensive midfielder found himself in that position in the first place.  "I arrived at Sao Paulo when I was 11 or 12 years old, and there were 300 people. It was a trial and they were going to select 50 players. I played up front because I had a good physique, but I remember that the coach asked who...

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'A National Disgrace' - Lithuania National Stadium

Upon a recent visit to Lithuania, I was astonished to find a colosseum like structure abandoned next to a shopping centre in Vilnius, the capital city of the country. It caught me by surprise. However, I remembered a couple days prior to this being told of a National Football Stadium that had been left idle since it first went into construction in 1987.  When the dissolution of the Soviet Union happened in 1991, the stadium's plans were terminated, and this skeleton like monument was regarded a forgotten matter of the past. Ever since the stadium has been subject to periods of planning & hope. Unfortunately, anybody who has come to make this ruin a dream, has only emptied their pockets...

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Boca Juniors Founded by Tipperary Man Patrick McCarthy

Paddy McCarthy like many Irish men made a move for an emerging Latin America in the late 1890s. McCarthy touched down in Buenos Aires in 1900 with the intention of becoming a teacher in a local commerce school. Quickly, his love for boxing took control of his life and Paddy was involved in the first ever professional boxing match in Argentina against Italian boxer Abelardo Robassio which he won in the 4th Round.  His appointment to the sports municipal committee in Buenos Aires helped Paddy grow his network across the city as he set out to help the youth of the city inspire to become footballers. McCarthy was one of the main coaches at Lobos Athletic Club, the first football club in...

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